The legal representative of Soccer Players of Bolivia (Fabol), David Paniagua, said in a press conference that the premise of its members is to play, but as long as the right conditions exist, including solving the problem that concerns the players from the Sport Boys club, which have not been paid for their salaries for five months, as published by the newspaper La Razón de Bolivia.

FIFPRO welcomed the historic decision to amend the Code of the World Anti-Doping Agency 2021 to reduce the disciplinary sanction to only one month (in some cases) for those athletes who test positive for substances that do not affect athletic performance.

The amendment remedies an injustice that has seriously affected the lives and livelihoods of a number of professional footballers who were penalized with bans for up to four years under current anti-doping regulations.


The Ninth Ordinary Assembly FIFPro America Division will be hosted by Peru, on 03 and 04 April, in the city of Lima, (Hotel JW Marriott Miraflores) which is hosted by the Association of Professional Soccer Players of Peru-SAFAP.

This important assembly has as participants the representatives of the associations and / or unions of the countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay and Peru, in addition to the international manager of FIFPro, Kris Vis van Heemst and legal counsel Alexandra Gómez.

From the next month of August, Argentina will have its first professional female league, which will include popular and historical teams such as Boca Juniors, River Plate, Estudiantes de la Plata and Independiente. It is a revolutionary announcement.

The Argentine soccer federation and the Argentine Football Association union have been examining ways to develop women's soccer. In this regard, the federation and the union signed an agreement under which the clubs of the women's first division (consisting of 16 teams) will provide professional contracts to eight players per team.

With the presence of Fernando Revilla, president of FIFPro División América, Football Players of Bolivia (Fabol) held a press conference to demand the immediate action of the Bolivian Football Federation, following the unfortunate episode that took place last weekend, product of the insults of racist nature against the Brazilian soccer player Serginho, of the club Jorge Wilsterman in the match played against Blooming.

The Colombian Association of Professional Soccer Players, made the award of the best players of the 2018 season, after collecting the votes of the members of the 36 Colombian professional schools

Those chosen by the Colombian union members in the different voted categories were:

FIFPRO has made known through its official website a case that has shocked the Argentine soccer environment with the complaint of professional footballer Macarena Sánchez who has not been recognized as a professional footballer despite his career.

The Colombian Association of Professional Soccer Players (Acolfutpro) expects to have the installed grass of its first sports venue in Palmira, near the city of Cali, by the second semester of 2019.

The dream of the Colombian guild began at the end of 2016 when the board of directors of the entity that brings together Colombian professional soccer players decided to buy the land to build the sports venue.

A representative of the Association of Professional Soccer Players of Peru (SAFAP) will participate in the 'Work Table for the formality of professional football players, a group formed by the government of Peru through the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion.

This work table has been created with the aim of coordinating, articulating and implementing the proposals of the different actors involved in compliance with the rules to reduce labor informality in professional football.

Women players of the national teams of South American countries participated in the First Forum of Women Soccer Players of the region, with the objective of achieving a fair treatment to their male partners.

The successful event held in Santiago, Chile, was attended by Fernando Reviall, president of FIFPro America and vice president of FIFpro; Camila García, Caroline Jonsson (members of the FIFPro Executive Committee), Alexandra Gómez Bruinewoud (legal adviser FIFPro) and Carlos Gonzales Puche, member of FIFPro's Executive Committee.