The best players in the FIFPro Tournament 2014

Best goalkeeper : Juan Halty , Peru
Despite not being considered within the template finally defended the colors of the Union of Professional Footballers of Chile in the Tournament FIFPro America, Juan Halty found in the event a place to hope of better days . The injury of goalkeeper Joshua Castells Peru opened the door suddenly and allowed you to show your good time in the bow SAFAP corner. Very well received by his peers, Halty interrupted for Inca in the tie to 1 against Uruguay and then get to the end before the Sifup .

In the final match had you covered three large hierarchy , the most important to a shot of Rodrigo Núñez from the entrance area when Chile was pushing with everything after the opening of the account of Carlos Perez. So Halty closed its goal and was instrumental in obtaining the Peruvian title.
Best Defense : Deybi Rivas, Colombia
Number 3 advocacy Colombia was one of the most solid players throughout the tournament. In fact , good team performance Acolfutpro relied largely the work of his back line , led by Rivas.

In both the matches against Chile as Brazil and Uruguay to the Colombian pushed their rivals and had superiority in the field for long minutes. That , based on a line of four defenders railway which was led by that ultimately was featured as the best defender of the tournament.

Best Midfielder : James Agronomy , Colombia
It was the engine of one of the teams with the most colorful of the Tournament FIFPro America soccer match at Santiago . Along with Luis Omar Valencia built a middle zone where the touch and good ball distribution were the seal.

Despite not getting victories during the competition, as they stayed with three draws in three games , Colombians exhibited a rich technical team and left a clear message about their chances of always fighting the top of this competition. Title harvested in Lima in 2013 , joined a good presentation that leaves among the toughest opponents to consider .

Best Forward , Eduardo Rubio , Chile
He arrived with the most comprehensive curriculum of all participants in the tournament. Champion twice in Chile ( Universidad Catolica and Colo Colo) , selected in the process of Marcelo Bielsa and past in Mexico and Switzerland ( where he played with Basel Champions League season 2008-2009) , corroborated his career with Sifup .

Figure was his team in a 4-0 victory against Brazil , scoring one goal and assisting Sandro Berrios to opening the scoring . Despite losing in the final against Peru , was one of the highlights of the court in defining match .

Best Player , Carlos Perez, Peru
From beginning to end , the participation of Carlos Perez was just brilliant. In the opening match of the tournament led the offensive work of his squad and scored the 2-0 to Argentina just as the Argentine Soccer team Guild members began to counteract the good start of the Inca team .

In the end, used a pick on the right to close with a powerful header and open the account in a match that had dominated the eleventh SAFAP , but had not managed to narrow the lead . With their goals in the second half of the final gave the title to Peru and also I was with two of the most important trophies : best player and scorer in the competition.