One week remains before starting the fourth version of the Tournament FIFPro America, which will be held for the third time in our country. This event brings together 108 players who are free to act , who will represent Argentina ( Argentine Soccer Guild members), Brazil ( National Federation of Professional Footballers ) , Colombia ( Colombian Association of Professional Footballers ), Chile (Inter- Union of Professional Footballers Chile) , Peru (Peruvian Professional Football Players Union) and Uruguay ( Uruguayan Players Professionals Mutual ) .

The competition will take place on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 January in Quilín complex dependencies belonging to the NPPA .
Team Players of the Free Sifup is training from December 17 under the command of the art duo composed by César Marín and Yerko Darlic . In preparation for the 2014 Torneo FIFPro America , in addition to the usual practices , the group of players without contracts have played three friendlies ( against Colo Colo, San Antonio Kingdom and Barnet ) .

The representative of Sifup debut at this event will be on Thursday 16 , at 10:20 hours , at the selected Colombian Professional Footballers' Association , who won the last edition of the Tournament FIFPro America 2013 which took place in Lima, Peru. Chile in Group B, where besides the Colombian team is the National Federation of Professional Footballers in Brazil , which will face the same day at 16:30 hours.

FIFPro Tournament 2014 Schedule America

Group A: Peru , Argentina and Uruguay

Group B : Chile, Colombia and Brazil 
Thursday, 16 January

day Morning

9:00 Argentina - Peru
10:20 am Chile - Colombia
11:40 am Peru - Uruguay

day Evening

16.30 Chile - Brazil
17:50 Argentina - Uruguay
19:10 hrs Colombia - Brazil

Friday, January 17th

16:30 A- 3 º 3 º B ​​5th and 6th Place
17:50 2nd A- B 2nd 3rd and 4th Place
19:10 pm A 1 - 1 B Final