In suspense restart of the Bolivian tournament

The legal representative of Soccer Players of Bolivia (Fabol), David Paniagua, said in a press conference that the premise of its members is to play, but as long as the right conditions exist, including solving the problem that concerns the players from the Sport Boys club, which have not been paid for their salaries for five months, as published by the newspaper La Razón de Bolivia.

"The position is that we all want to play but that the conditions for everyone are met and that includes that we must solve the problem with Sport Boys and if the president of the federation has turned it out then the ball will start rolling on Sunday," Paniagua emphasized

Fabol was clear to mention that by decision of the 14 captains the championship does not restart if there is no fix to this issue.

The general secretary of football players reiterated that if there is no arrangement with the Warneños, “the decision of the 14 captains of the clubs is not to start the championship, since there are no conditions to do so. Sport Boys players are having a hard time. ”

In that sense, Paniagua criticized the fact that “yes Sport Boys came to this is because this was allowed to happen, because the licensing regulation was not applied, the follow-up was not done so that this club, despite so many complaints that we were made ».

Also, Paniagua said that in the midst of all these conflicts, the solution has to come from everyone to try to put a satisfactory end to a closing championship that continues to live day by day under the uncertainty of whether it will find the conditions to play again .

Among the 14 clubs participating in the league, Sport Boys faces a particularly critical situation. Its president, the former Minister of Government, Carlos Romero, had to leave Bolivia due to the crisis and left the unpaid salaries of the players.

There are ten dates remaining. The routes are cut by protesters in the midst of the political crisis after the failed elections of October 20, denounced as fraudulent.