I Torneo FIFPro 2011

The Sifup was commissioned to make the Tournament FIFPro América 2011 , unprecedented event in the continent , which came representative of collective organizations of Argentina , Brazil, Peru and Uruguay. The main objective of the competition was that participants could free players showcase all his skills on the court and convince technical and leaders to join a club and continue his career profesional. With that mission and spirit came to Chile all delegations determined to fight for the title and play on behalf of his country in an event that had great coverage of the media and attended by directors of Chilean professional football clubs .
In two days -20 and 21 January - 2 court Monumental Stadium hosted more than 100 players without contracts, who left the soul for a new opportunity in football. The enclosure of Macul, a premier lawn, followed all the amenities to host an event of this type .

Just as an example of the quality of the teams that participated in the championship, is the case of Peru, that brought to Chile hosted the first championship of free players in America. The experience was successfully evaluated by FIFPro, which develops this event since 2005 in Europe with interesting results and is already thinking about a future edition. 


Gustavo Vasallo, captain of the Inca members, dressed in white and red in 2005 , scoring three goals in five games . His strike partner, Abel Lobaton also had an important past, being selected in 2000 and 2001. He was part of teams like Atletico Paranaense of Brazil and Portugal Marítimo .
In turn, brought him his Uruguay, led by former Penarol defender Marcelo de Los Santos, who captained the Celeste and midfielder Martin Morales, a few years ago defended the colors of Cobresal .
In Argentina, meanwhile, highlighted the presence of Dart Cortés, goalie who devoted the best in the championship by not receiving touchdowns on his porch . The keeper, ex selected sub ​​20 , was preceded by a recent past in Camacha Athletic Association club , the Portuguese second division.

As foreign campuses, the Sifup had great players in both teams who represented him. In Chile 1 stood as goalkeeper Carlos Texas third keeper of the 'Red' in France '98 . Coquimbano acted alongside the midfielder Francisco Huaiquipán , with vast experience which includes eight clubs in the Creole football, but remembered for his big step for Colo Colo, where he won in 2002.

Another man in goal , Carlos Arias - holder representative of Chile 2 - also dressed in cassock national planetary challenge was the keeper of the stellar selection remembered that participated in the World Under-20 Netherlands 2005. On the same computer bald keeper, it was observed Ruben Castillo, who was three times champion midfielder with Cobreloa , with titles in 2003 and 2004.

Since the ball started rolling were counted more than nine hours of play in the great court of Colo Colo Stadium . There was only one tie, between Argentina and Chile 0-0 2 in afternoon trading Friday January 21. The team performance was even, being the game played with the greatest difference between Chile 1 and Argentina with victory for the Rio de la Plata 3-0.
The dynamics of the tournament established that schools with greater regularity on the first day would outline to fight for the crown and outposts. For example, despite showing a neat soccer, Peru fell in the two presentations of the first day and fought for fifth and sixth place against Uruguay, who also walked in the expected level.
Chile 1, therefore, that after the debut was exhibited as a title contender Huaiquipán hand, lost to Brazil and stayed to fight the third place against Argentina . Sealed side places with Uruguay finishing fifth after beating Argentina Peru and getting to enter the podium after downing Chile 1, the responsibility would fall in Chile 2.
The "Free Red" had the hard mission to fight for the crown in the final against Brazil. In an intense comparison, the targeted Nibaldo Rubio did all the expense and the collation largely exceeded the visit, but the ability in the final meters of yellow eventually tip the balance toward the five-time champions , who were imposed 2-1 with goals from Nelson Aureliano . The discount of Chile was the work of Francisco González.

People always talk about beautiful game, entertainment and other similar issues when a Brazilian team is described. In this case, the monarch was more like what green amarelha exhibited under head coach Dunga in the World Cup 2010 South Africa : a modern computer, maintains that while talented in the eleventh , poses a physical game, more similarity to the classic European game to South American football . In the squad that represented the FIFPro Tournament Sapesp in America 2011, was observed to Miranda and Aureliano, two typical school players in the five-time champion of the world. While the first was key scoring a spectacular free kick in the first match against Chile in January to seal qualification for the final, the second figure became final against Chile 2.

Thus, the talent of these players was the basis on which the proposed Milton Pedrozo coac , a lot of strength and defensive order to get their certainty in the final meters model was adapted .

1 URUGUAY V / S CHILE February 3
PERU 1 V / S CHILE March 1
2 BRAZIL V / S CHILE January 1

Saturday 22
5th and 6th Place PERU 0 V / S URUGUAY 1
3rd and 4th Place 0 CHILE 1 V / S ARGENTINA 3


After the final whistle of the referee, the awards ceremony that managers of all South American unions began participated. Former Chilean Rodolfo Dubó selected, Miguel Angel Gamboa and Oscar Wirth attended the awards ceremony. Then came competition closed time analysis. Carlos Soto, president of the Union of Football Players of Chile, appreciated the opportunity to showcase representing the event. "The idea is that from this tournament , the players begin to be seen and have a contract during the season," he said. That was reaffirmed by Tijs Tummers, FIFPro representative present at the event, who said the space has gained in Europe. "More than 50 percent of the players who have been in the club competition found. For example, the second and third Ajax goalkeeper played the tournament in previous years. "After the competition, according to information provided by South American unions, it was established that 25 players who attended the event found club a success for this first versión. Besides, Rinaldo Martorelli, vice president of the unionization of Brazil, described the event as Share bridge union work. "We are confident that in a short time, FIFPro will become known in America and here we are starting to do outreach work ."

While South American football has its own characteristics common to all countries of the region, in turn, the various representative who participated in the tournament have always been known for its attributes.

The highlights were Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Although the green amarelha showed no technical standard or touch of the ball, this time won by making more physical play. Argentina faithful to its history, and exhibited great dynamic spirit , while the local delegation showed a harmonious collective game with arch rival main objective in its two teams. Among of proper names that stood out in the tournament were the trasandino Augustine Cattaneo, Central defender was voted the best competition and observed by several Chilean clubs. In addition, the Brazilian Nelson Aureliano shared the prize with the Chilean striker Francisco Huaiquipán , very good performance. 10 "Red " Free players grabbed everyone's attention with his unique style of play. According to the "Toqui", there are no players like him , which at times resulted in the Monumental stadium 2 .

After 180 minutes, the Torneo FIFPro América 2011 and had a signed within the players who were disputing. After playing in the morning of January 21 as a starter in the victorious debut Chile 1 against Peru, Roberto Orders flywheel was contacted by executives of Union La Calera and thus became the first to find equipment. "They are doing things in the Union and this allows free players to make football and have a physical condition to get the best way to a club," he said after announcing the news.